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    The toilet seat with integrated and patented air extraction system that offers you a pleasant and odorless toilet experience

     PURE-D is a toilet seat that guarantees an odorless toilet experience by making use of an integrated and patented air extraction system. The PURE-D is easy to install and fits on the most common toilet bowls with a D-Shape and works without a direct electricity connection thanks to the internal and rechargeable Battery Pack.

    Always a fresh toilet

    With PURE-D, we ensure you that you and those who come after you won't smell anything.

    Easy to install

    The PURE-D is easy to install. You don't need any special tools for it.

    Fits (almost) all toilets

    The PURE-D fits almost all toilets with a D-Shape. If you want to be sure, order the free fit tool here.

    No power outlet needed

    The PURE-D is powered by a rechargeable and exchangeable Battery Pack.

    How does it work?

    Thanks to the powerful and quiet fan, your toilet visit will be virtually odorless for yourself and any visitors after you.

    The PURE-D ensures a flawless extraction of disturbing odors in order for you to leave the smallest room with your head held high.

    All technology is incorporated in the toilet seat itself, so that it can be installed on (almost) any modern toilet.

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    Larger filter than in other systems


    More airflow than with other fans


    Quieter than alternative solutions

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    Installed in less than 5 minutes

    The PURE-D toilet seat is easy to install without any special tools.

    Thanks to our fitting tool , you know whether the PURE-D toilet seat fits your toilet! It doesn't fit? No problem, you can return your PURE-D free of charge and we return your money.

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    More discretion

    More self-confidence

    More comfort



    Unique ventilation system

    Odor detection

    Universal fit (D-Shape)

    Integrated and rechargeable Battery Pack

    Automatic start-stop

    Easy to install and maintain

    Without chemicals or other hazardous substances

    Soft Close and Quick Release

    Durable, antibacterial and scratch-free

    Replaceable filter

    PURE-D side view

    Unique integrated ventilation system

    Thanks to the powerful air circulation in the toilet, which is generated by a low-noise fan, your toilet visit will be virtually odorless for yourself and for any visitors after you. PURE-D ensures flawless extraction of unpleasant odors so that you can leave the smallest room with your head held high.

    Odor detection

    The PURE-D has a build-in smart odor sensor. If you ofter sit on the toilet for longer periods of time, the system saves energy by limiting the power of the fan. If necessary, the odor sensor reacts immediately and switches the fan back to standard power so that you can count on a flawless extraction and filtering of unpleasant odors.

    Universal fit (D-shape)

    The dimensions of the PURE-D are the same as the dimensions of a regular toilet seat. This makes the PURE-D suitable for almost every toilet with a D-Shape. If you want to be sure that the PURE-D fits on your toilet, order the free fit tool here.

    Integrated Battery Pack

    The PURE-D features a rechargeable and interchangeable Battery Pack that lasts up to about 20 days(1) per charge cycle. The Battery Pack ensures that the PURE-D can be installed anywhere because you don’t need an outlet in your toilet or bathroom. When the Battery Pack is empty, you can just take it out and charge it with the included micro-USB-cable.

    (1) Calculated in a family situation of two adults and two children.

    Do you have a socket near the toilet? Then you can also opt for the version with power adapter. With this, the PURE-D is equipped with an USB cable (2m) at the back side of the toilet seat and a 5VDC USB adapter.

    PURE-D battery replacement

    PURE-D front view

    Automatic start-stop

    A smart sensor knows when someone is sitting on the toilet and turns on the PURE-D automatically. When there’s no one sitting on the toilet, the PURE-D will continue ventilating for ashort period of time and will automatically turn off right after.

    Easy to install and maintain

    The PURE-D toilet seat is easy to install without any special tools. The Quick Release hinge system is suited for almost every toilet with a D-Shape and ensures that the toilet seat can be easily removed and clicked back in. You can maintain the PURE-D exactly like you would maintain an ordinary toilet seat. If you want to clean it thoroughly, you can use the optional cleaning set.

    No chemicals or other hazardous substances

    Due to the optimal airflow combined with a carbon filter, the elimination of unpleasant odors can be done completely without chemicals or other harmful substances. This way it’s not only safe for yourself, but also for the environment.

    Soft Close & Quick Release

    The in-house developed Soft Close hinge system makes sure that the PURE-D always closes gently, silently and safely. With the Quick Release function you can remove the PURE-D from the toilet in 1 action easily to clean the toilet and the PURE-D.

    PURE-D front view with toilet

    PURE-D filter replacement

    Durable, antibacterial and scratch-free

    The PURE-D is made from Duroplast, a practically unbreakable and light type of plastic. The PURE-D is also more hygienic, very user-friendly and scratch-free due to the extra smooth surface and the pore-free Duroplast material.

    Replaceable filter

    Thanks to the integrated filter, you can be sure of an optimally functioning system for at least 6 months(1). If your filter is saturated, you can order more filters from us. You can easily replace the filter and it’s also biodegradable.


    (1) Calculated for a family of 2 adults and 2 children.

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    Frequently asked questions
    What material is the PURE-D made of?

    PURE-D is made of high-quality Duroplast. Duroplast is a material that is known for its strenght and high heat resistance. Duroplast is also scratch-free, hygienic and easy to maintain.

    Will the PURE-D fit on my toilet?

    The first version of the PURE-D has been developed with a D-shape. This is the most common for modern wall-hung toilets. The next version may be released with an Oval shape. Do you want to be sure that the PURE-D fits your toilet? Request our free and non-binding fit tool here!

    Can I install the PURE-D myself?

    The installation of the PURE-D is just as easy as the installation of a regular toilet seat. You just need to mount the Soft Close hinges to your toilet bowl and click the PURE-D through the Quick Release function of the product. 

    Do I need a power outlet?

    No. The PURE-D already comes with a 20.000mAh strong Power Bank that you can recharge whenever it's dead. 

    Do I need a water supply?

    No. The PURE-D mainly focuses on the odor extraction and therefore doesn't contain a bidet function, meaning there is no water supply required. 

    Can the filter be replaced?

    Yes, you can replace the filter yourself easily. We provide ready-to-use filter cassettes that you can just click into the toilet seat. 

    How often should the filter be replaced?

    The filter lasts a long time, but how long exactly depends on the use. In a family situation of 2 adults and 2 children, the filter should be replaced once every 6 to 9 months. You can easily order the filter via our webshop or our partners.


    Based on 48 reviews
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    Write a Review

    Elke Bollen

    on 2024-06-28

    Wat een fantastische uitvinding.

    Via Facebook kwamen we uit bij deze fantastische wc-bril. Niet zomaar een bril, maar een genot voor elk persoon die er op zit en na je komt. De service is ook echt super. Een echte aanrader, ik raad hem alvast iedereen aan.

    Ruud van den Burg

    on 2024-06-21

    Fresh and fruity

    Those around me are very happy, that I use the Denck Pure-D. They can pass the little room without a gas's mask. When my house mates are happy, I am happy too 😀.

    Ben Schuurman

    on 2024-05-13

    Pure, D(e)oplossing.

    Na een interne verbouwing en verplaatsing van ons toilet was er geen mechanische afzuiging in het toilet. Dit had middels een dure zaagklus gerealiseerd kunnen worden. Toen ik las over de oplossing middels een PURE-D toiletbril was ik gelijk om. Deze innovatieve oplossing is een "verademing". Vragen werden gelijk beantwoord (en opgelost). We zijn heel tevreden. Een aanrader!

    Hans de Klerk

    on 2024-04-15

    Top alternatief voor toilet zonder afzuiging

    Deze mooie wc bril werkt perfect in onze nieuwe toiletruimte. Hier was geen mogelijkheid om een mechanische afzuiging te maken. Vragen werden snel en duidelijk beantwoord. De cotton geur stick ruikt erg fris en natuurlijk. Top product!

    Guy De laet

    on 2024-04-11

    Eindelijk een oplossing

    Dit is dé ideale oplossing voor ons gastentoilet. Het systeem werkt bijzonder goed. Een zeer vernuftig bedacht systeem, heel degelijke materialen en alles netjes afgewerkt. En Dennis...wat een vriendelijke en behulpzame man, perfecte service. Ik ga zeker reclame maken.

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