Created in Belgium

The idea to develop a toilet seat that eliminates unpleasant odors originated in Belgium and, more specifically, in Genk. In the other company of one of the founders of DENCK, a hall with 2 toilets connects the studio with the offices. The fact that the toilets aren’t ventilated and aren’t far from the offices, usually results in unpleasant odors.

After trying several different products to solve this odor problem, an attempt that in most cases doesn’t work and you have to renew or renovate the entire toilet, we decided to develop a product ourselves to solve this problem in a simple way.

Developed in Belgium

After intensively searching for ways to extract and filter odors, a first prototype of the PURE-D was build. This prototype was made of MDF wood including a simple setup with a fan, filter and several test sensors. After successfully testing for several months, we were convinced that our idea works.

The prototypes were built right after another. Soon we decided to move into a larger building, because we needed space for all the test equipment and the 3D printers to design the subsequent prototypes with.

We started working with a design agency and in the next 1,5 years the PURE-D was further designed and optimized. Each new prototype underwent a large number of critical tests, both theoretically and in practice.

Produced in Belgium

Because we’re proud of Belgian products and want to support the economy in our own country, we decided to start producing the PURE-D in Belgium in collaboration with a few Key Partners.

For example, we collaborate with a company from Pelt that specializes in the manufacture of thermosets (including Duroplast, the material from which the PURE-D is going to consist of) and a developer and manufacturer of PCBs from Tongeren/Riemst for controlling all components (the fan, the presence sensor, the odor sensor, etc.).

Assembled and tested in Belgium

When all individual parts have been produced at our Key Partners, they will be brought together at DENCK. At our company in Genk we’ve set up a complete assembly line to assemble the PURE-D, to test it thoroughly and to ship it out to all customers.

In addition to many tests of the electronics, the closures, the hinge system, etc., the PURE-D also undergoes a thorough quality test. For example, we built a machine we can use to test whether our toilet seats meet the DIN-19516 standard.

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