5 ways to cover up that embarrassing smell on the toilet

We've all been there. You use an unfamiliar bathroom at someone else's house, at the office or at a public space, and are left embarrassed by the smell you leave behind. Everyone poops, and everyone's poop smells, but that doesn't make it less embarrassing.

So what do you do the next time you find yourself in this situation? Here are some tips of getting rid of that poop smell.

1. Courtesy flush

Seriously, the courtesy flush is your best friend when it comes to pooping. Basically, you flush every time you hear a splash in the toilet bowl to prevent smells from diffusing.  The quicker you do it, the less the odor.

2. Ventilate

You can open up a window or turn on the exhaust fan, and leave it running after you leave. Getting air to circulate won't get rid of the smell immediately, but it will help.

3. Check your purse

You might have something in your purse that can double as an air freshener. Apply scented hand lotion to your hands then wave them in the air. You. can also squirt some into the toilet. You could also use hair spray or cologne as air freshener. Got nothing in your purse? Check the cabinets for other things such as spray bathroom cleaner, bleach, liquid hand soap, or even shampoo. Just be careful if you're using bleach - less than a capful in enough, and don't mix it with ammonia lest you produce a toxic gas. You could also light a match.

4. Just give a warning

Nothing in your purse and no PURE-D installed? Just quietly exit, or if someone's waiting to use the toilet right afterwards, let them know that they might want to wait a little longer. Again, everyone poops. Don't sweat it too much.

5. Install a PURE-D

You may have already sensed it coming, but the PURE-D is the best solution against odor in the toilet. Use it at home so your partner doesn't have to wait 10 minutes after you've just done your business, or point out to your boss or colleague that there is a simple solution to unpleasant odor. Everyone has a odor, but that doesn't mean you should be able to smell it.


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